Fabio Benetti

Benetti is a Brazilian artist who uses the strength of his brush to show his own restlessness in relation to the legal world. His collage-paintings represent the materiality of the here and now, the viscosity of ways of thinking, the variations of color-vibrations innate to the attempt to find balance among order and chaos.

The artist has been self-taught for the last 20 years, in parallel to his profession as an attorney. In 2015, inspired by the questions of his existential and spiritual searches, many supported by quantum physics, philosophy, alchemy, architecture and personal ruptures, he decided to give up Law to dedicate himself solely to the art studio. During this transition period, he produced a series of works that are a critique of the structures that western society has built to resolve issues of ethics and justice, revising values that truly promote equality. Fábio turned this immersion or attempted escape into a two-year-long performance experience, working as a foreman in the interior of the state of São Paulo, without identifying himself as the owner and author of the work. During this time he worked with mud, sludge, trash, sand, cement, rubble, heavy material loads and their nonsense, the lightest emotional burdens. In this catharsis he reconnected with the beauty and simplicity of the word 'humanity.'

Juliana Freire